Sunday’s Sermon

Our pastor is continuing our study on the second coming of Christ. It is really an eye-opening series, and I’m very thankful for this opportunity to learn.


Our text was Matthew 25 where Jesus is telling three parables. Each parable is about a master that has gone away for a period of time, but is returning. It is about being prepared for that return and what exactly those left behind are doing in preparation while they wait.

Jesus was teaching to those listening, as well as to us today, that we are to be ready for His return at any moment. This is something I take for granted on a daily basis, that Christ is returning one day to take Christians home. While these sermons are reminding to “Live Ready” and be prepared, God really spoke to me on this Sunday about what exactly I’m doing in the in-between. We’ve probably all heard the story about what you do with the dash on your headstone… from your birth to death, what you do with the in-between is what matters most.

God has really been speaking with me lately regarding what I’m doing for Him. Am I doing all I’m supposed to be doing or am I like the virgins with no oil for my lap or the servant hiding my gold. God has called us all to a very specific purpose and task while we are waiting for Him. We must be fulfilling that specific duty while we wait.

Saturday’s Song

This old hymn has been on my heart quite a bit lately.

Our little peaceful community laid two sweet people to rest on Saturday. Their lives were violently stolen from them. Our feeling of safety and security was shaken.

But God does not give us the spirit of fear, and we must trust Him for our provisions and our safety… Day by Day.

“The protection of His child and treasure is a charge that on Himself He laid. “As they days, thy strength shall be in measure.” This the pledge to me He made.”

My Vision of Home

I have a very dear friend coming to visit me soon (more on that later), and I’ve been prepping, planning, (a lot of) cleaning… then I read this post by Sally Clarkson on Ann Voskamp’s blog and my heart stopped to evaluate and take stock of my actions. Might be a bit cheating for my post today to steer you over to another, but it is so very worth the read. These two ladies are so blessed by God’s hand through their words and encouragement. Go read it. You’ll be glad you did.

How to Restore What Every Family’s Longing for Most

Counting 1000 Gifts
#25 – a gift held – This one is easy. My sweet, precious children. My 3 year old has to have me hold him for at least 15 minutes when he comes downstairs each morning. My 6 year old tells me I have to hold her at least once every single day.
#26 – a gift passed by – So many gifts and blessings from the Lord I take for granted. I allow myself to be complacent in the fact that I even have a Bible to study (and still don’t study it as often as I should). I thank you, Lord, for Your Word so readily available to me.
#27 – a gift sat with – Quiet time with my husband, just to talk; for that I am thankful. We haven’t had a date night since we moved here in February. Last night we went to Chik-fil-A where the kids played in the playground, and we had uninterrupted adult conversation for 30 minutes. It was heavenly, and I am thankful.

Being a Cheerleader

Oftentimes I am so very guilty of the quick-prayer for those on our church prayer list or those I know about going through sickness or surgeries, but I’m really trying to focus on doing better. Our church prayer list is always filled with folks in need of God’s presence and hand in some way in their lives. I knew someone once who said in their prayers, “God, please be with all those I’ve promised to pray for.” And God is quite big enough to know exactly who it was he was referring to and what their precise need was on that day at that moment. He is able to fill their need, comfort their grief or heal their body in an instant if that is His will in the situation, but I feel that when we do the “short and sweet” prayer we are cheating ourselves as well as those we’ve promised to pray for.

Time is a high commodity these days, but if I can at all, I try to actually write out, or in some cases text or message out, my prayers when asked by someone to pray for something very specifically. The exact prayer I send to Jesus, and use to petition the throne for that need, is actually sent to the person who requested the prayer. This is in no way to say, “Look, see, I prayed for you,” but it is for God to take those heart-felt words and hopefully encourage that person. Praying for the need can also be used as an encouragement to those who request it.

How many times have you asked someone to pray for a specific need and that person stopped in their tracks and say, “You know what, let’s pray for that right now!”? Oh, what joy has filled my soul when that has happened for me! Oh sure, they could have prayed in their own time, and God would have heard their prayer just the same without me in attendance. But in that instant, they were my cheerleader. That’s not a job just for pastors. That’s a job for all of us.

There have been times when God has placed someone specific on my heart at a specific time. I always try to grab my phone and text or email that person (call if I can), and ask them what need they have in their lives at that moment. God didn’t put them on my heart for no reason. They have a need, and I’m being called to pray for them specifically. I then respond to them with my prayer for them. It is a wealth of encouragement for me to know in hard situations that not only does God see my circumstances and know I need prayers, but He’s sending those cheerleaders to me as to say, “We’ve got your back. You can do this.”


We live in a world where very few true conversations are had anymore. The conduit for our sentiments is now screens of various sizes instead of voices through the air. As we pray to God in heaven aloud or silently in heart-talk, He hears them just the same, but take time to really pray over your friends and loved ones through those screens. Type out that prayer as you are petitioning the throne for them and send it to them. Be their cheerleader. Be their army of support to let them know you love them and are there right beside them in spirit, facing the trial together.

Counting 1000 Gifts
#22 – Dusky Light- So thankful for the beautiful North Carolina sunsets we are blessed with. Thankful God is using my time here to really cause me to stop and just stand in awe of His creation.
#23 – Surprising Reflection – The gift of the reflection of myself I see in my children, and the reminder to strive to walk with God all the more closely as they are walking closely with me.
#24 – Lovely Shadow – That I dwell in the lovely shadow of His grace!

Wordless Wednesday

Normally I’m not a fan of Wordless Wednesdays on wordy blogs, but this one will have to do for today since we’re prepping for single digit temps and hoping no freezing pipes. I took this picture on a walk in the patch of forest behind our house. God’s creation is always beautiful… from the green moss to the fallen leaves.  And yes, even the single digit temperatures.


Counting 1000 Gifts – 3 Graces From People You Love
#19 – The way my husband loves me for who I truly am, not for the outside appearance (thank you, Lord!), not for what I do for him or our family, but truly loves me for me… the good, the bad and the ugly.
#20 – The grace from my precious friends when I don’t contact them nearly as often as I should, but our relationship is just as if we had never been apart.
#21 – The grace God gives me abundantly and continuously, far greater than my mind can fathom and my heart can believe.

A Moon Tale

Sometimes I like to write just little short (often very short) stories or tales. Thought I would share this one today.

Everything was so quiet, so very quiet and cold as she stepped outside. It was 3:00 a.m. and taking the new puppy out in the middle of the night made her remember those late night and early morning feedings of early motherhood. Part of her soul longed to have that again while most of her body just wanted to go back to her warm bed. It was freezing cold on this early January night, but the one thing it was not was dark. No, there was no nightlight to light her way, and she could have turned on the porch light, but it wasn’t needed. Directly at the end of the eight paving stones which made her walkway was a moon so bright there was no need for any man made illumination.

It was a crisp, clear night, the kind where the sky full of stars really helps you realize how very small you are in the world. The kind of clear night that brings on a frost so heavy, everything shines with a million diamonds in the moonlight. While the puppy went about sniffing and taking care of the matter at hand, she stood there… still and staring at that glorious moon that faced her at the end of her path. It seemed to be shining just for her. She felt as if she was the only one on earth just for a moment, and she could only stand and stare at the glow of it all.

381-1233891708GdW7So strange to think that this beautiful orb was actually just a dull gray rock in the sky, that all it’s light was a reflection of the true source. It brought light into dark places and times by reflecting the great power of the sun, and oh the power it had when fulfilling its purpose! Illuminating. Beautiful. Purposed. Heavenly.

As she broke the long staring match with the moon, the verse stirred within her…

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

…and she resolved in her heart to do just that.


Counting 1000 Gifts – One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart.
#16 – Burt’s Bees moisturizing chap stick. Oh how I love that stuff!
#17- Thankful that’s it is empty of all the holiday junk food so it’s not tempting me these days!
#18 – The greatest gift I’ve ever been given – salvation in my heart!

Not being fish food

When God is telling me something, I feel He uses my reading of His word to bring out points I need to see or do. I also feel like He’ll use Sunday School teachers and lessons, pastors and sermons and friends and encouragement. When it seems like all those combined, along with a few others, are telling me the same thing… well, I better listen.  I’m starting to feel like I might be headed for the belly of the fish.

Let me explain. I feel God gave me the vision and direction for Godstellations as a blog and as a Bible study on light. The Bible study part is always in my pocket, and I know someday it will bloom into a final product. Honestly though, that’s going to be a while. This blog is my fertilizer for that. I pray it will develop my writing and lead me down paths of being an encouragement to others as well as being encouraged by those I’m blessed to come in contact with in this venue. It also allows me an opportunity to share what God lays on my heart on a daily basis and discipline me to be faithful in listening for His word and sharing that with others.

I’ve shared this blog with a few friends, but I haven’t made it public to many people that I know personally. Oh, it’s easy to post things and send out to strangers, but the ones who know me best… for some reason, I’ve always been afraid of making that leap. Afraid of those that would judge to say, “Who does she think she is?”, afraid of rejection, afraid of failure. So my plan was to start the blog anew in 2015, and pray for God to give me courage to share what He has given me with others.

You know that line “be careful what you ask for”?

I love reading Becky Strale’s words and seeing her awesome pictures and creations on Farmgirl Paints. As I was visiting her site this week, I read her post about someone who said negative, hurtful things about her writing. Ugh! There’s my fear in reality, but then she said in her post to put the blinders on and “live out your calling.”  Seriously, that’s what I read. Live. Out. Your. Calling.

Our Sunday School lesson last week was being faithful to do what God has called us to do.

Our mission study in the Women on Mission group I’m in was to be committed to what we are called to do and God will put things in our path.

The Love Worth Finding daily email for today is…

 “Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.” 1 Peter 3:16

My mind has been thinking about Jonah. God gave Jonah something very specific to do, but he didn’t want to do it. The Bible says, ““Jonah went out and sat down at a place east of the city. There he made a shelter, sat in its shade and waited to see what would happen to the city”  Jonah 4:5.  And we all know what happened to Jonah. God put him in the belly of the fish to think about what he had been asked to do and what he was doing.

I don’t want to be fish food.

Some writers and bloggers out there have words that are so eloquent and beautiful. Their grammar is pure perfection. The screen is a treasure chest of blessings written out in perfect harmony. They are like a bouquet of the most perfect roses you’ve ever seen… long stemmed, crimson red, gorgeous. God’s given them that gift, and I’m so thankful they share it.


My gift is more like this bouquet of Dandelions my daughter gave me. Oh, it’s not a bouquet of roses, but weeds. They have petals missing and even some dirt on them, but my precious child gave them to me. I think they are the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen because of the giver.

And so I’ll write and I’ll share what God has called me to do. Some will see the beauty in the simple words while others might see weeds, but I know that my Heavenly Father will call my bouquet of words beautiful as long as they are given in His name in kindness and love.

Are you struggling with something you feel God is calling you to do? Bathe that in prayer. Read His word. Listen for His reply. He’ll most assuredly give it. Then go forth and make that leap of faith, following His calling.

Don’t be fish food. 🙂

Counting 1000 Gifts – Something You’re Reading, Making, Seeing
#13 – I’m reading the IF:Equip daily Bible reading. It’s really helping me stay on track, and I’m thankful I found this gift.
#14 – I have the task of making Valentine center pieces for our church Valentin’e banquet. My soul is happiest when creating something.
#15 – My kids and I are working on learning new songs for Children’s Choir at church. They go around the house all day humming and singing the songs we are working on. I love seeing their love of music.

Sunday’s Sermon {Live Ready}

My prayer is for Sunday evening posts to be a way to reflect on the word God has brought to me through the preaching of this holy day. We’re very blessed to have joined a small country church when we moved here, and we’ve quickly fallen in love with our pastor and the people. I pray my reflection not only helps me grow with a deeper knowledge of the scripture, but also does the very same for others.

Having just started the New Year, the Christmas holiday is now all packed up and put away. It is my very favorite time of the year, and I so look forward to decorating my home, making Christmas candy and dishes and all the warmth and love that Christmas brings. Christmas decorations are out in the stores as soon as Halloween is done, and my house is actually decorated shortly thereafter. Yes, we are very good at preparing for the celebration of Jesus’ birth, but as my pastor pointed out at the beginning of this two part sermon last week, how good are we at preparing for His second coming?


We are to live ready… live ready to meet our Savior in the air in the very next breath we take, because it could very well be that instant.

So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him. Matthew 24:44

Am I doing that? Am I really living my life prepared for that glorious day? Is my house in order? Am I always being the Light and sharing His word and love with others around me so they might know Him and have the eternal life He gives freely? Do I prepare and look forward to celebrating that glorious day with the same excitement and gusto that I put into the celebration of Christmas?  I had never thought of it in that context until now, and I’m sorry to say that I fall short in that area many times.

The simple, yet profound, truth that I am a sinner saved by grace… that I had a debt I could not pay that was paid by a Man who owed no such debt… the truth that the Son of God left behind His home in heaven to take on the form of a baby born in a manger all to be killed by the very souls He came to save…

Do I truly celebrate that all year long? Do I tell others, “God loves you,” throughout the year as much as I tell folks, “Merry Christmas” from November through December?

No, I don’t, but by God’s grace and the conviction of the Holy Spirit… I will, and I hope you will too.


Celebrating 1000 Gifts
A gift old, new and blue.
#10 – Thankful for the picture I have of my great-grandmother as an infant that sits atop the piano she gave me.
#11 – Thankful for the new direction and discipline I’ve been given for this blog, and I pray it continues to grow me throughout the year.
#12 – Thankful for the warm, blue house shoes my sweet daughter gave me for Christmas.

Saturday’s Song {O God of Mine}

Maybe it’s evident that one of my new year’s resolutions is to focus on Godstellations and being faithful to the calling my heart feels to this blog. In an effort to stay disciplined to this resolution, I’m going to be posting on the weekends as well. My plan is to post a song each Saturday that has spoken to my heart throughout the week.

O God of Mine by Rita Springer is completely new to me as a song and artist, but it spoke to me at a time when I needed it most this week. Hope it speaks to you as well.


Counting 1000 Gifts
3 Graces Overheard
#7 -My daughter practicing her singing as she builds up the courage to sing at church with her Daddy.
#8 – The ground as I hear it soaking up the falling rain, knowing that God provides for the earth and will provide for me.
#9 – The alarm in the morning, although often a horrible sound, reminds me to be thankful for another day to serve.

A New Light

The days of late have been short on light. Our weeks have been more wet than dry and the few sunny days that have dotted the days here and there have been relished. When it’s been soggy for so long, the sun’s rays are almost like something completely new. A new light.


As the new year is now closing its second day, it too is almost like a new light. A clean slate just ready to be written. We have so many plans that are ahead for the year… some we know the details and others we do not, but we’ve placed those unknowns into God’s hands and trust He will work the details to bless us in whatever way fits with His will.

Our little farm from last year will grow a bit bigger this year. Our handful of chickens will grow into a full flock this year and our little hobby garden will turn into a big project which will hopefully have us traveling to farmer’s markets to sell our wares this summer. We’re very excited for this new light, this new adventure that is warming and exciting our souls.

And so we plan. We prepare for new chicks to raise them and ensure their safety. We draw garden plans and search through seed catalogs. We study. We learn. We prepare.

For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish.’ Or what king, going out to encounter another king in war, will not sit down first and deliberate whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand? And if not, while the other is yet a great way off, he sends a delegation and asks for terms of peace. Luke 14:28-33

And as 2015 is taking off like a kite into the air, I wonder how many resolutions have been made by a whim? How many have said the number of pounds they will lose, or the number of days they will visit the gym, of the number of books they will read, walks they will take without one preparation moment. They are simply kites thrown to the wind without studying the direction, without testing the strength of the line.

One thing God made clear to me on New Year’s Eve was that I must be disciplined and devoted to do my part for the changes I want to see in my life. I can’t simply throw the kite into the wind and expect God to take it to great heights… oh, He could, most assuredly, but what lesson would I learn in my life by that? I feel in my heart that 2015 will be a year of growth and even more changes for my family, but only if we do our part.

We’re following the dreams of our heart and bathing it in prayer. Through discipline and faith, I know we will see great things in 2015. Follow your dreams, plan them, study them. Make them your own by being faithful to seek His will and do your part.


Counting 1000 Gifts
A Gift Outside, Inside, On a Plate
#4 – Our chickens and the lessons learned from how they depend on us to care for them.
#5 – Our winter tree that we’ve decorated with snowflakes and blue lights as we look forward to our first big snow.
#6 – The hummingbird cake I made for the first time and the bites I’m slowly savoring as the diet starts Monday.