Dodging the Arrows

Satan is one mean archer! His aim is pure precision, and he knows just how to hit us where we often least expect it. I have a friend who is wholeheartedly following a path she knows God has placed her on. She’s gone through periods of doubt, but she always comes back to the fact that she is doing her out-of-the-box-for-her-thing because God has put it before her. I believe He has as well, and I’ve seen her following His lead. He has greatness in store for her.

I received a text message from her early this morning asking for prayer. Satan had his bow poised and was letting the flaming arrows fly. He was attacking her by using someone very close to her to plant seeds of doubt and discouragement in her mind. Her work of God requires time and dedication which she has set aside to do early in the morning. She has her quiet time with God and focuses on His work He is pouring out through her hands. Someone she truly needs beside her for encouragement and support is instead filling her head with self-doubt. Satan knows exactly how to hurt us the most and cause the most damage.

The road God has set before us is unknown. While there are times when it is clear and calm, there are also times when the storms come or the darkness seeks to swallow us and throw us off our path. But God provides.

In addition to all this, take up the SHIELD OF FAITH.

The arrows of Satan come in all shapes and sizes, and he knows which ones can hurt our hearts the very most. God has called and equipped you for the work He has put before you whether that be preaching His word, witnessing at your job, or being a light for Him in your role as daughter, mother, student! Job’s wife told him to curse God and die. People made fun of Noah for decades. Our faith, our shield of faith, will keep the flame for our task burning no matter how the winds blow around us. I pray the Lord uses something to fan the flame of greatness for you today and gives you a message straight from His lips to your heart to let you know He is right there with you today taking those arrows for you and loving you through the attack straight into the greatness He has just for you.