Source of My Spark

I’m dragging. Seriously dragging. My get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went.

My pastor’s sermon this past Sunday was on the ten commandments and specifically on observing the Sabbath and keeping it holy. He shared how God made the Sabbath FOR man not for God. I had never thought of it all this way, but with my weary back aching from doing tons of housework over the weekend, my body shouted “AMEN” when he said that God set us up for rest. Our bodies were created to need that rest, and just as God rested after He created the earth and all the creations around us, we need rest.

Now, saying we need rest and actually getting that rest is two completely different things indeed! There are two precious interruptions to my rest these days. They are 5 and 2.

The 5 year old is not as frequent an interruption, but still, there are times when she is scared or just needs me to tuck her back in after a trip to the bathroom. The 2 year old is my nighttime partner these days. He is potty training, and while I am so very happy that we are slowly moving out of needing a pull up at night, I must admit there are times when I want to shout, “Just go in the pull-up!”

I work 10 hour days at a job that is a 45 minutes commute one way then come home to go over school work, wash clothes, wash dishes, have play-time with my kids and at some point just to be able to sit down for 5 minutes and do nothing is a complete luxury!  I am absolutely not complaining because I know so many of you do way more than I do. I am thankful for my job even if I dream of staying home with my kids because it provides wonderful insurance and a source of income to let us do so much. I work outside the home four days a week, and I am totally aware that the Friday I’m home with the kids and get a glimpse of what it will be like to be home all the time and homeschooling is WILD! How on earth can one day go by so quickly when my time at work the previous four days moves at a snail’s pace?!

There are times I tell my husband that I believe women live longer than men because of our children. I believe the time we spend being pregnant, going through childbirth and then actually raising our children through all the sleepless nights and long days toughen us. Our bodies are conditioned to withstand the world as we carry and care for the future.

I have a friend who is really struggling with the sleepless nights with her son right now. Seriously struggling! Her baby just turned a year old, and she is exhausted to the point that she thinks he will be an only child just because she can’t take any more of missing the rest her body needs.

Still, she’ll make it just like I will. Just like we all do over and over again. We’ll wipe that tear away as we wash another load of laundry and cry out to our Heavenly Father for strength to just make it through the day. He will grant it. He will provide that last boost of energy to help us pick up those toys for the tenth time. He’ll provide that friend to send that encouraging text or message just to let us know we are not alone. He will gently provide that pull to raise us from the bed as that little voice cries momma in the night.

He knows the source of our spark because He has given them to us.  For all their whining and clinging, for all their tears and screams, they are our source.



And one day when they have a source of their very own, and they look to us and say, “Momma, I don’t know how you did it.” We can look them in the eye and tell them it was all through love… through His love for us and our love for them.  That love is the source of our spark.


This seems to be a great topic for all the weary moms out there. Here is another great post from a blog I read. I’m learning to take that rest whenever and wherever I can find it, even if it is in short snaps of time or just saying on a Saturday, “No, we aren’t going anywhere today.”  I hope you can find rest and encouragement today too!


  • My are 32 and 37 so it has been a long time since those days. I did not work full time until my youngest was 8. Prior to that, I was a SAHM or I taught pre-school the same hours as my children were at pre-school. And, I never had more than a 7 minute drive to school.

    I admire moms with littles who work. I don’t know how you do it. My replacement at school has a 2 year old and I don’t know how she will manage all the duties of a teacher/activities director along with the love of being a mommy.

    Enjoy it, laugh, don’t stress on the small stuff. Your kids will remember Sundays at church, in the park, playing as a family in the back yard. They will not remember if the house was not always perfectly clean.