Amazing Love

I had a different post planned for today with talk of fruit cleanse success and back on the weight-loss track, but that will perhaps be tomorrow. While this post will be short and sweet, I feel called to share the events of yesterday afternoon with you. While some may read this and say, “Duh, Jennifer!” I hope someone out there may be like me and have never had this Aha moment in quite this way.

This is my handsome Lil’Buddy. He is everything a two year old boy should be; cute, cuddly and cantankerous! He has really never been sick, so when he would not stop crying yesterday afternoon and complained that his “tummy huurt,” we knew something was wrong. My husband loads him up and starts toward the ER with me promising to meet them as soon as I could get there as I was tied up about 20 minutes away from the hospital.

A sick boy needs his momma, and this momma had nothing on her mind except getting to him as soon as she could. I could hear his cries while talking to my husband on the phone. I could hear his pain and fear.

Never have I driven my car with more determination and cautious speed than I did yesterday. My eyes and mind were constantly aware of every car around me on the road as I sped toward my son. I wanted to be there. I wanted to take away his pain, to hold him tightly, to wipe his tears.

We have all heard the words shared about how God gave His Son for us. Perhaps we’ve heard them so many times, they have lost some of their weight. Through my thoughts as I was doing all in my power to get to my son, I thought of God watching His Son die. We talk of Jesus loving us so much that He took our sin death on that cross, and OH YES, He does love us. Of that there is no doubt. But yesterday my eyes were opened in a new way to the unfathomable way God the Father loves us.

I WAS going to get to my son. I already had in my head the story I would tell the policeman as I simply held my foot on the brake to let him know I had to get to my son! He needed me!

Jesus needed God, His Father, when He was on that cross for you and me. He even called out asking why God had forsaken Him. And God, no doubt with tears in His eyes, saw His Son die. One word, one thought could have changed it all. No doubt, armies of angels were waiting… just waiting for one word from the Father to swoop down and stop our salvation.

Stop our salvation.

You see, God was not going to allow that to happen.

But how could He do that? How could He allow His Son to die there, calling out to Him? How could He not run to His Child who needed Him so desperately. I know He provided this way for me, and I know He loves me enough that He gave His son, but I never put it all in this perspective before.

Somehow saw this in a whole new light. He did. He did run to His child who needed Him so desperately. He was speeding His way to save His child… to be there for their needs, to comfort their fears, to wipe the tears from their eyes.

Oh dear friend, He was running to His child. He was running to us! For God so loved THE WORLD, that He gave His only begotten Son.

Our Father saw us in agony, in pain, in SIN, and He did everything in His power to run to us. His holy Son on the cross, the depths of hell themselves, NOTHING was going to stop Him.

He ran to us!

  • Wow! Amazing post Jen! Our God is amazing! And so is His love for us!

    How is Ethan? What happened to him? He seemed better with the popsicle. 🙂

    • Was so wrapped up in the post I did forget to share that he is all fine. A false alarm scare for an intestinal collapse but looks like it was just a bad stomach bug. All the signs were there, but ultrasound said everything was fine. He is all good today. Thanks!

  • This post is amazing. I’m not sure I can formulate how wonderful this post is, and how much it spoke to me. Now that I have a son, I think I may be able to grasp a tenth (maybe?) of the sacrifice God made for us. The way you worded it…just WOW!

    Thank you so much for this post! I’m so glad to read that your son is okay. I hope he feels better ASAP!!

    • Thanks, Kelsey! I can tell from your comment that the realization was the same for you as it was for me. 🙂 It is amazing!