An Empty Vessel

Full vessels cannot be filled, only empty ones.

In a few days time, I will board a church bus of twelve ladies as we head out to attend a Beth Moore conference. As I have shared this news with friends and co-workers, the reaction has always been the same. “Prepare to be blessed.”


I have prepared as I have purchased my ticket. All my information has been shared with the wonderful lady who has planned all this for us. I’ll even be driving the van for part of the trip, so I went through our church training of driving the van (yes, a bit silly, but technicality). I have thought about what I’m going to wear. I have planned out how to pack lightly for the trip. I have planned in preparing my husband on how to handle the visits he will get during the night from our children who will be headed to his side of the bed instead of mine. I have planned food to be in the refrigerator while I am away. I have planned.

But I left out the most important plan. I haven’t emptied my vessel. I haven’t planned my heart for this trip, truly planned my heart to be an empty vessel for God to fill to the point of overflowing. My life has been whizzing around me so quickly that I barely know how to get my work done at my job and at home in time to make it into bed at a decent hour. You see, my vessel is already packed to the limit. It is full of work, of stress, of physically being tired. It is filled with the business of work, with the business of home. It is LOADED, friends! 🙂

And one simple whisper from God this morning brought my heart and mind to a crashing halt with that realization.

I have not planned my vessel.

Oh I thought I had. I thought I had my checklist covered. I would have everything packed away, grabbed my Bible, kissed my sweet loved ones and headed right on out the door and completely missed the full blessing of what God has in store for me because of my full vessel. Oh, I might have prayed on the way down to our destination and made a little vessel room. I would have prayed that morning for a blessing, and no doubt, I would have received one. But it would not have been the full blessing God had for me.

So, today I start Project Empty Vessel which will include saturating the next 53 hours in prayer at every opportunity. Empty me of me, Lord, to fill me with You. I will mentally picture a vessel with my name on it, full of all my junk as the Lord leads me to confess and throw-out each item taking up space meant for His holiness.

But I will leave, not only as an empty vessel, but as a vessel expecting to be filled… to be overflowing! I fully expect God to do great things for all empty vessels attending this conference.

Dr. Charles Stanley once said in a sermon we are to ask the Lord to meet our specific needs and wants, and anticipate His response.  Come to God expecting “far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think” (Eph. 3:20), and in His sovereignty, He will satisfy us beyond our wildest hopes.

Do you have junk in your vessel today that is taking up space God has for a special blessing for you? Pray, purge and prepare to see the mighty work of God in your vessel today.


  • Beautiful reminder!

  • Janet

    Your words are inspiring and beautiful. Ephesians 3:20 is one of my favorite verses and it has helped me to do better at expecting God to do great and mighty things. Your words are a beautiful reminder that I need to prepare myself to receive the blessings I’m expecting from God.

    • Thanks so much, Janet! And thank you for all your work on this opportunity we have to fill our vessels!

  • This is a beautiful post, Jennifer… and I will be bookmarking it so I can re-read it before Allume!!!

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