On Our Shoulders

With a 45 minute commute to work each morning and afternoon, I have become quite the radio connoisseur over the past eight and a half years! My taste in music is  eclectic, and while I mostly listen to K-LOVE, over the past few days you would also have heard Conway Twitty (recently found a classic country station!), the NPR news report and Florida-Georgia Line “Cruisin” me on home! The mood of each commute is different. The morning hours, as I’ve seen many a gorgeous sun rise into the sky, are spent trying to get focus for the day. Filling my heart and mind with thoughts and words that will get me through the next 10 hours.

Since we are edging ever closer to our leap of faith in our lives, I’ve spent my mornings this week listening to Adrian Rogers and David Jeremiah along with a few others.  Wise counsel calms the soul!

This morning I heard a story shared about a father who had his toddler on his shoulders as he walked into the waters of Lake Tahoe. He edged out into the chilly water one step at a time, and knowing it was not safe to keep going out farther and farther, he was tempted by the giggle of his precious son’s excitement and edged another step.  That last step provided no ground underfoot and he went straight down into the depths of the chilly water. His hand gripped firmly on his son’s small body, he had to rely on the strength of his legs as he began to bob in the water like a cork, desperately gasping for breath at every opportunity. In a split second he realized the danger involved not just his own life, but the precious life of his son which caused him to fight all the more for safety for them both. Finally, his toes found a root beneath the surface where he was able to push himself closer to the shoreline and solid ground underfoot.

Many times throughout his life he has relived that scene in his mind. The temptation to go deeper into the water was there and easy to fall victim to its enticement. The point of his story is we should face every temptation, every decision in our life as if our children are sitting on our shoulders. Temptations in life do not only impact our lives, but also the lives of those dear to us when we give in to them.  The lives of his children, grandchildren, and on and on are being impacted by the decisions he makes each day.

Being a good parent and living as an example to my children, I pray God will use that as a foundation for their parenting skills. They in turn will teach it to their children and on and on my legacy will continue. God, may the legacy of my family always be pleasing in your sight! 


As we wrap up our summer of preschool, gearing up for the big-time Kindergarten :-), the thought of my children being on my shoulders which each decision I make gives this season such a new life and importance. Yes, we are teaching them their ABC’s, we are starting to memorize the presidents, reading is now commonplace for my daughter each evening… we are officially becoming a homeschooling family, but in the midst of all these academics we are teaching our children, as they are sitting on our shoulders, I pray they see us on our knees.

Saying goodbye to familiar places and faces, choosing a new town, new home, new life, may we always feel their presence on our shoulders. As we take that leap of faith into the deep waters, may they see we have wrapped the four of us in the lifejackets of God’s Word and prayed for His guidance knowing He will keep us afloat.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope, and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

“Do not educate your child to be rich. Instead educate your child to be happy, so, when when he or she grows up, he or she will know the value of things, NOT the price.”

While it is a huge responsibility and the decisions can be heavy in our minds, I have no doubt we are also entering an amazing time! With these two precious babes alongside us, I know there are so many new experiences to make together. This time… with these two, will be amazing!

  • beautiful!

  • Ummm…WOW! What a visual! My heart skipped a beat with the thought of being floundering in Lake Tahoe with my toddler…. You’ve given me lots to think on this evening!

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart and blessing us with your words!