This evening we met Daddy at the door as he came home from work, grabbed a brown bag dinner and headed to the park. Two big Kings, two little Kings and a park all to ourselves. Small effort, huge return!

Playdoh pizzas were on the menu one night this week along with spaghetti and meat balls. 10 little fingers mashed and pressed the soft dough into the desired shapes, and I was able to put the rest of life on hold to breathe in those moments like fresh air in a stagnant land. Small effort, huge return.

Our tired bodies literally crash into our bed after we make sure tiny teeth are brushed, bedtime stories are read and prayers are lifted to Heaven from little mouths. Work has been hard on us both lately, and as our bodies begin to relax and shed the weight of the day, we talk. We talk about the crazies of our day and the crazies we have on our plates for tomorrow. We talk about the two precious souls we just tucked into bed. We talk about our future ahead, then known and unknown of it all. We reconnect when we talk. Small effort, huge return.

Our life needs more of the small. More moments spent together that cost us nothing but our undivided attention. Live in the small!


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  • Beautiful reminders! Thank you.

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  • This was such a peaceful post Jennifer! Made me want to just slow down for a bit. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I replied to your comment there, but thought wanted to stop by here and visit your space as well!

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