Orange Orbs of Happiness

While I think winter is probably my favorite season, there are certainly points of each one that make me smile from the inside out. I love spring with its promise of freshness, soil that begs to be toiled and seeds that are planted with dreamy expectations of the petals of beauty that will come. The south can be pretty cruel when it comes to summer heat, but that is also the time when we take a lot of weekend trips to rivers and lakes where the cool breeze off the water makes the rising temperatures more bearable. We are now in the thick of fall, and this is probably my second favorite time of year. The winds are building the chill that will be winter as the thermometers’ mercury grows shorter and shorter. God’s paint brush, dipped in warm, golden browns, yellows, oranges and reds has left its mark on the trees with beauty unmatched by any human imagination. Our breath turns to fog in the morning chill as we talk of the frost that will soon come. Yes, fall is definitely amazing.

A story which unfolds a lot during bedtime reading this time of year is My Happy Pumpkin. My kids absolutely love this book, and my five year old can just about quote it verbatim. While a simple story, it is one I have not grown tired of reading to them. It tells the story of how there are various types of pumpkins, short, tall, skinny fat. And just as you search through all the pumpkins to find just the right one for you, God did the same for us. He wants us, and He scoops out all the yucky parts of us. He fills us with Light and we shine for Him. Such a simple analogy which is what makes it perfect for kids to understand.

I read this quote from Willa Sibert Cather recently, and, combined with thoughts of My Happy Pumpkin, I thought about being a pumpkin. Yep, silly, right? I mean, seriously, who thinks about being a pumpkin?! Well, before you start researching local therapists to recommend, hear me out.

A pumpkin… fully grown on your vine that has fed and nourished you all summer. There you are all pretty and orange and literally just soaking up the sun, like a stress-relieving sigh at the end of a day as you step out into the afternoon sun… just soaking up God’s light and warmth.  One day you hear the laughter and giggles of little people who are squealing with delight at the mere sight of you. Chubby little hands lift you up where you’re taken and carved into a symbol that brings such joy to your artist. They give you a light that shines to the point that everyone who sees you smiles and feels the excitement of the season. And, just as the life cycle of everything on this earth, your time goes on and you return to the earth from whence you came. Hopefully the seeds of your life will multiply over and over again to bring joy and happiness to those who are privileged to inherit your warmth in some way.  See, it’s not so bad to be a pumpkin!

As you are carving your pumpkins this season, be sure and share with those around you the Source of our light and how it would actually be pretty awesome to be a pumpkin!