Draw Close

Perhaps the loudest statement I hear from God these days is just two words.

Draw Close.

I know He has so much ahead for me and my family, but I’m convicted of putting up fences as if to keep blessings from coming to me. These fences are of my own making by not dwelling and being consumed by His word. I’ve come a long way in daily Bible reading and studying, but I’m convicted that I’m still so far short of where He needs me to be in order to write a Bible study, or even to use this blog for His glory. He wants me to draw close to Him in everything… every thought, every word, every action.

Yes, my days are consumed with to-do’s on a list that is never-ending, but I know if I want to receive those awesome blessings He has for me, I need to be all in; totally sold out to His calling and for His glory. I will find time when it is sometimes the most scarce commodity of the day. I will turn my face to the sun to the morning, confessing my sins and asking for Him to fill me. I will close my eyes for just a second while cooking breakfast for my kids and ask Him to fill me with His patience for the day. I will let that last load of laundry wait and use those minutes to open His word and feed my soul to its daily fill with His word. I will study those precious words as I read, committing them to my memory and writing them on my heart. I will physically run my finger over the words as if their touch were the source of my strength for another day… and they are.

Our pastor made a comment yesterday that really was just an extra to the sermon. It wasn’t a focus or huge point to the theme, but it pierced my heart life a knife. He recently preached the funeral of a friend where the family gave her Bible to him to use for his preparation and during the service. He spoke of the notes that were written and pages that were worn.



What would my Bible look like if it were given to someone to preach my funeral?

What kind of path am I leaving behind me?
Will it clearly point people to my Jesus?
Will the verses that speak to me in peace, in joy, in sorrow and in sadness be clear to those who will read it?
Will those pages be filled with notes of how these precious words spoke to me?
Will my life be living testament to these pages?

Will yours?

He is telling me to draw close, just draw close to Him in every way, at every possible moment, and He will fill me and use me. My life will be a living example to others if I will just do it… just draw close.

  • Janet Benson

    Those precious words that often seem to be spoken as just an “extra” to the main theme of a message are so often the ones that God uses to make the greatest impact on our lives after He has seared them forever into our souls.