Gathering Eggs

Top of our priority list when we moved to the country was raising chickens. My husband and daughter had talked about this for months while we still lived in the city in Arkansas. She was so very excited when we settled into our home here and Daddy said, “Let’s go buy some chickens!”

We started out with twelve and through various events lost some then gained others. We have thirteen now which is a very lucky number for us. Chickens are very entertaining to have around.

Our older hens have just reached the laying stage, and a few of those girls are daily suppliers. We average three to five eggs a day right now. By Halloween we should be up to almost a dozen a day.

My girl has quickly fallen in love with everything chicken! She loves to take care of them, hold them, feed them. She doesn’t even complain when she has to clean out the coop, but by far her very favorite thing to do is gather the eggs. If you’re like me, and you’ve never been around chickens, you might think gathering eggs in a morning affair. Well, you’re wrong. It is an all day deal. Usually we see our first egg before 9am, but the others are spread out throughout the day.

My egg gatherer will watch her flock of feathered friends as they roam through the yard. She notices when one has been out of sight for a while then notices when it is back. This is her clue to go check the nesting boxes.


Sometimes she is disappointed when she finds them empty, but she is joyous when she returns with an egg in hand. With every trip to check those boxes, she’s learning patience and commitment. She’s also learning reward.

She is the little mother hen to her flock, and she loves them dearly. They give her great joy just by being chickens. They aren’t fancy chickens or chickens that can do tricks. They are just chickens being chickens, doing what they were made to do.

As silly as it sometimes seems, I believe everything around us at any given moment has the capability to teach us something knew or remind us of a truth. As children of God, He loves us for being who we are, and we bring Him joy just by that fact. We do not have to be a super hero or do extraordinary things. He’s called us to be His light and love others which we can do in big and small ways. He promises to provide for our needs as we do what we were created to do…

There is nothing you can do to make God love you any more than He does right now, and there is nothing you can do to make Him love you any less.