This is my mini-me.


I see a lot of me in her, but also her very own personality is shining through on a daily basis. She keeps us all in stitches, but also makes my heart ache when I see how tenderhearted she is. I know she’ll learn hard lessons, but I also know that she’ll conquer the world if she wants to.

My prayers this morning asked God for daily direction as I am here with them to mold them and teach them, and I asked the same from them in return. They have so much they can teach me, and they prove that on a daily basis. While we were on our evening walk yesterday, she went down a different path from the rest of us. Last night, while reliving our day through words, she said, “Well, while on that one path, I misplaced myself and forgot where I was.”

She misplaced herself. I chuckled as she was telling her story.

She misplaced herself.

How often do we misplace ourselves!?

The to-do list of our days get longer and longer while it seems like the hours in the day get shorter and shorter, and we easily misplace ourselves in the mix. Our kids so often remind us of what’s important and allow us to find ourselves again in evening walks, in beautiful sunsets, in weed bouquets. So thankful they are teaching me just as I am teaching them.