A New Beginning

There’s a quote that says, “I have stopped looking for the light and decided to become it instead.”

Be the light.

A city that is set upon a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14

I believe we are called to be the light to this dark world; to point others to the Source of our light and to uplift and encourage each other. I pray those who read these words and see these pictures find them always uplifting and encouraging, for I believe this is the calling He has for me. A calling to uplift. A calling to encourage. A calling to share.

As I start a new chapter in this calling on my heart, I start this blog fresh and new. I will type words out on this screen knowing that because this is His calling for His purpose, He will no doubt receive glory for it. I pray my fingers never type words that bring anything but honor to His name.

My family and I recently relocated to North Carolina where we found a home in a very rural county almost at the Virginia state line. There is no public water here, only private wells. There is no public garbage pick-up, you take it to a central dumping site yourself. The nearest Wal-Mart is twenty minutes away. Yes, we live in the country. We now have 13 chickens and a vibrant garden where before we had a Beta fish and a potted plant. But we love it here.

Folks consistently ask us just how on earth we ended up way out here, and I could answer that with something like savvy internet searching or lucked-up on a great place, but the true answer is this is where God had planned for us to go. He planned our move to North Carolina as He provided the job opportunity for my husband. He knew we needed this fresh start in this fresh place where our lives are becoming more and more focused on Him and the work He continues in us.


He knew we would need these quiet, foggy, North Carolina mornings where everything is shrouded in gray but is even more beautiful.


He knew our busy days would always end with quiet, country evenings where we would finally take time to soak up the beauty all around us and focus on our place in His creation.


He knew we would need to dwell in a place where we are surrounded by pieces of the past, pieces of a simple time in history where we would dream of those times and learn from them.


He knew we would plant our garden under the heat of the sun but harvest in the cool summer mornings and learn the joy of providing for ourselves through our labor.


He knew we needed the safety of this place, the security we feel here in order to let go of the fears that shrouded our minds for so long.


He knew this calling He has placed on my heart needs this time. It needs this time to focus and learn how to be a peculiar voice in this world to stand out for Him.


And so we live out the moments in this place where I draw closer to Him than ever before. I am learning to look for Him in everything around me. In the quiet mornings when the fog is thick like a blanket and the dew so heavy it feels like the remnants from a downpour.


As this blog is filled with new posts once again, I pray they focus on the calling He has laid on my heart. I pray they bring all those who read to think on what their Godstellation is, what it looks like. When you think of all the points of light in your life, what do you see?

Perhaps you see your wedding day, the day you pledged your love and life to the one who holds your heart. What a bright light in your Godstellation that is! But I challenge you to think of those times where it seemed like there could not possibly be light… it was so dark.

Maybe it was the day you learned your parents were divorcing… dark and cold. Your life would never be the same as your heart hurt for the family you saw crumbling around you. Now I’m able to look back at that dark time and see how that made me a better wife, a better mother. That seemingly dark time in my life, in retrospect, is actually one of the brighter lights that taught me so much and impacts so many parts of who I am today. They were very hard truths to learn at that time, but have made me more understanding, more patient, more wise.

Think about a point of light in your life today and thank Him for it… whether it be one born from happy, bright times or a light that broke through some dark point in your life. They are both points of light in you that make you who you are. Focus on one today and think about how that makes you who you are, how that light wrote a verse of your life that still sings in your heart today.