A Path for Me

We try to fill Sunday afternoons with rest; to really honor the day God set aside for rest and allow our bodies and minds this time to unplug. While I would love to say this is spent napping in a hammock in the yard, that’s not the case, but we do work that is restful to us.

The afternoon was full of sunshine and the breeze gave respite to the heat of the day. It was the perfect setting to hang clothes on the line to dry. I try to do this as much as possible to use less energy, but also for the therapeutic qualities of pulling sweet smelling pieces from the basket to hang them in the North Carolina wind. I pray for the little people that wear the soft cotton threads. The pink gown with rainbow colored polka-dots is my favorite piece I think. It has ruffled sleeves and a bow in the front. She twirls to make the edges fly, and I pray for her soul and sweet spirit that God continues to work in her and prepare her for the life ahead. I pray for the curly-haired boy that wears the bright blue shirt stating he is “Mommy’s Superhero” and he is. Oh Lord, please help me tend the tender soil of his heart that the seeds of Your Word will be planted there and take root in his life.

Under the shade of the oak tree with the breeze blowing, the afternoon is spectacular, but go out into the direct sunlight and the beads of sweat start forming and dropping like rain. This is where my man finds his rest as he works in the yard. Clearing logs and starting to clean up garden plants that have provided their last bits of nourishment, he works and sweats. It is rest for his mind, and he needs it right now.

He knows how I spend the early mornings with dew soaked feet walking in the quiet, talking to my Jesus. He knows how much this time means to my day, to my heart. As I’m hanging his socks, praying God to lead his feet and guide his steps as the head of our household, I notice the roar of the lawnmower isn’t as close as it once was. It doesn’t draw my attention away from my task.


The loud roar of the engine quieting to stillness does catch my attention, and I watch him walking toward me. His clothes look as if he’s been caught in a downpour, and his face is rosy red from the heat. “I made you a path,” he says. With a puzzled expression, I ask what type of path as he leads me toward the more grown-up area of the property. “I know you like to take your morning walks with Jesus, so I made you this path. I just mowed it pretty high, but I’ll keep it like this so you can have more area to walk and start your day.”

His heart knows my heart.

There’s a lot of weight on those shoulders as the head of the household, and he takes it all very seriously. He knows God will direct our paths, and his faith is always my rock when I allow worry to creep in. He seeks the paths of God, just as I do, and we know He will continue to lead us.

God tells us in His word how our hearts plan our way, but He directs our steps. Our steps are are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in our way.

Dear Lord, guide our steps today and every day. Our hearts make plans for our lives. We dream big, as I believe You want us to do. May we always dream and plan for our lives, but may the foundations of our dreams always be laid with Jesus as our cornerstone. As the mornings come and go, no matter what path we might use to greet the day, may You always walk beside us as our Heavenly Father… guiding, directing, listening.