“God Made that Love”

My soul is hurting today. Words seem so very meaningless right now in a world that seems to be spiraling more and more out of control. People are being killed in horrific ways just because of who they are… executed, beheaded, their very life taken from them so violently.

And so I struggled with posting today, trying to find something to say about being the light in such a dark time. I struggled until I saw this video. Please take time to meet Hollie. You’ll be glad you did.

May we always be real light, true light, never salesmen of Jesus, but living examples of His love for all. Living out that love and light changes lives, and no matter how dark the world gets, the angels celebrate for one soul that comes to Him.

Father, the world needs You. They need to see you in us. Let us be true light, never fake or pushy. Let us be light that causes others to want what we have and use us to bring about many an angel celebration!

  • KateEschbach

    beautifully written

  • It really is becoming a scary world. Prayer is needed by everyone. I don’t understand why more don’t see it. Stopping in from Thrive at Home.

    • Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment, Kim! Yes, when I think of what the eyes of my children will see in their lifetime, not to mention what we will see in years ahead, it is impossible to survive the darkness of this world without prayer!

  • Melissa

    It is a dark world and we need God’s light so badly! And we also need to be God’s light’s to the world. Thanks for sharing the video!

  • Janet Benson

    How amazingly beautiful. Thanks for injecting a light of hope in such a dark and seemingly hopeless world.

    • Thank you, sweet friend! Words can’t thank you enough for shining your light and continually encouraging me to shine mine!