In all things, beauty.


It was that time of day when the sun seems to fast-track toward the west as another day is ending. The beautiful golden hour was at hand. Eight feet were walking in the soft, cool grass of evening… four big, four little. Each heartbeat represented a quarter of their family and all beating together made them feel whole. The two littles would run ahead, chasing each other through the taller grass, their giggles filling the air like bubbles of happiness.

Sudden stops would preface screams of, “Look! Look!” as a set of deer tracks were spotted. More tracks brought about conversation of a deer family just like our family. Paths made my tiny hooves carved small crevices into the dense forest which were almost enticing enough to follow, although they decided against it. Wildflowers of big beautiful clover blossoms, delicate Queen Anne’s lace and Purple Passion Flowers were spotted and plucked to make a flower crown for the princess of the family. The smallest feet found sticks along the way which were quickly imagined into a gun to shoot any dangerous critter on our path. The littles were all boy and all girl… and all loved.

Not so full of energy, both slightly stooped from a long day of life in the grown-up world, they held hands as they watched the princess and the warrior exploring ahead. Their burdens felt lighter just as they watched them play ahead of them. Deep, calming breaths were breathed in and blown out slowly. With every step, their souls were being more and more restored. The hardness of the day was being overtaken by the softness of blessings.

As they made the last turn on the path and their faces turned to the west, there it was. The sun was saying goodnight in the most spectacular fashion. The tree line silhouette looked as if they were an audience to the performance before them. The clouds looked as if God had dipped his paintbrush and brushed them on the canvas of the sky.

They all stopped and stood in awe. They soaked it in like dry, flat sponges pulling in every drop of refreshing liquid, and they were refreshed and renewed. It was breathtaking.

And her heart was convicted. Just as breathtaking and memorable as the incredible sunset was before her, so was the flower princess that held her hand. So was the mighty warrior that ran ahead in Hot Wheels flip-flops, shooting imaginary critters with his stick gun. So was the man beside her to whom she had pledged her life fourteen years ago…

…and the grass beneath her feet
…and the cool breeze that touched her face
…and the birds that flew through the air

For they are all examples of God’s beautiful creation, and while the sun would set to bring on darkness, the mighty warrior would turn into a whiny-three-year old who doesn’t want to wash his hair, the flower princess would turn to the 1st grader not wanting to do her homeschool work and the man holding her hand would need washed and ironed clothes prepped for a day of work, in all things there is beauty. In all things there is a blessing.

And she resolved in her heart to be thankful.

  • Renee Ratcliffe

    Wow, how beautifully written! Thank you for sharing your giftedness with us. I just breathed some fresh air with these words, touched with God’s glory! ~ Renee

    • Such sweet words! Thank you so much for the compliment, and I praise God that He allowed my words to touch your heart.