A Moon Tale

Sometimes I like to write just little short (often very short) stories or tales. Thought I would share this one today.

Everything was so quiet, so very quiet and cold as she stepped outside. It was 3:00 a.m. and taking the new puppy out in the middle of the night made her remember those late night and early morning feedings of early motherhood. Part of her soul longed to have that again while most of her body just wanted to go back to her warm bed. It was freezing cold on this early January night, but the one thing it was not was dark. No, there was no nightlight to light her way, and she could have turned on the porch light, but it wasn’t needed. Directly at the end of the eight paving stones which made her walkway was a moon so bright there was no need for any man made illumination.

It was a crisp, clear night, the kind where the sky full of stars really helps you realize how very small you are in the world. The kind of clear night that brings on a frost so heavy, everything shines with a million diamonds in the moonlight. While the puppy went about sniffing and taking care of the matter at hand, she stood there… still and staring at that glorious moon that faced her at the end of her path. It seemed to be shining just for her. She felt as if she was the only one on earth just for a moment, and she could only stand and stare at the glow of it all.

381-1233891708GdW7So strange to think that this beautiful orb was actually just a dull gray rock in the sky, that all it’s light was a reflection of the true source. It brought light into dark places and times by reflecting the great power of the sun, and oh the power it had when fulfilling its purpose! Illuminating. Beautiful. Purposed. Heavenly.

As she broke the long staring match with the moon, the verse stirred within her…

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

…and she resolved in her heart to do just that.


Counting 1000 Gifts – One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart.
#16 – Burt’s Bees moisturizing chap stick. Oh how I love that stuff!
#17- Thankful that’s it is empty of all the holiday junk food so it’s not tempting me these days!
#18 – The greatest gift I’ve ever been given – salvation in my heart!