Saturday’s Song {O God of Mine}

Maybe it’s evident that one of my new year’s resolutions is to focus on Godstellations and being faithful to the calling my heart feels to this blog. In an effort to stay disciplined to this resolution, I’m going to be posting on the weekends as well. My plan is to post a song each Saturday that has spoken to my heart throughout the week.

O God of Mine by Rita Springer is completely new to me as a song and artist, but it spoke to me at a time when I needed it most this week. Hope it speaks to you as well.


Counting 1000 Gifts
3 Graces Overheard
#7 -My daughter practicing her singing as she builds up the courage to sing at church with her Daddy.
#8 – The ground as I hear it soaking up the falling rain, knowing that God provides for the earth and will provide for me.
#9 – The alarm in the morning, although often a horrible sound, reminds me to be thankful for another day to serve.