Sunday’s Sermon {Live Ready}

My prayer is for Sunday evening posts to be a way to reflect on the word God has brought to me through the preaching of this holy day. We’re very blessed to have joined a small country church when we moved here, and we’ve quickly fallen in love with our pastor and the people. I pray my reflection not only helps me grow with a deeper knowledge of the scripture, but also does the very same for others.

Having just started the New Year, the Christmas holiday is now all packed up and put away. It is my very favorite time of the year, and I so look forward to decorating my home, making Christmas candy and dishes and all the warmth and love that Christmas brings. Christmas decorations are out in the stores as soon as Halloween is done, and my house is actually decorated shortly thereafter. Yes, we are very good at preparing for the celebration of Jesus’ birth, but as my pastor pointed out at the beginning of this two part sermon last week, how good are we at preparing for His second coming?


We are to live ready… live ready to meet our Savior in the air in the very next breath we take, because it could very well be that instant.

So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him. Matthew 24:44

Am I doing that? Am I really living my life prepared for that glorious day? Is my house in order? Am I always being the Light and sharing His word and love with others around me so they might know Him and have the eternal life He gives freely? Do I prepare and look forward to celebrating that glorious day with the same excitement and gusto that I put into the celebration of Christmas?  I had never thought of it in that context until now, and I’m sorry to say that I fall short in that area many times.

The simple, yet profound, truth that I am a sinner saved by grace… that I had a debt I could not pay that was paid by a Man who owed no such debt… the truth that the Son of God left behind His home in heaven to take on the form of a baby born in a manger all to be killed by the very souls He came to save…

Do I truly celebrate that all year long? Do I tell others, “God loves you,” throughout the year as much as I tell folks, “Merry Christmas” from November through December?

No, I don’t, but by God’s grace and the conviction of the Holy Spirit… I will, and I hope you will too.


Celebrating 1000 Gifts
A gift old, new and blue.
#10 – Thankful for the picture I have of my great-grandmother as an infant that sits atop the piano she gave me.
#11 – Thankful for the new direction and discipline I’ve been given for this blog, and I pray it continues to grow me throughout the year.
#12 – Thankful for the warm, blue house shoes my sweet daughter gave me for Christmas.

  • KateEschbach

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder this morning! Yes – I need to Live Ready!!!