Sunday’s Sermon

Our pastor is continuing our study on the second coming of Christ. It is really an eye-opening series, and I’m very thankful for this opportunity to learn.


Our text was Matthew 25 where Jesus is telling three parables. Each parable is about a master that has gone away for a period of time, but is returning. It is about being prepared for that return and what exactly those left behind are doing in preparation while they wait.

Jesus was teaching to those listening, as well as to us today, that we are to be ready for His return at any moment. This is something I take for granted on a daily basis, that Christ is returning one day to take Christians home. While these sermons are reminding to “Live Ready” and be prepared, God really spoke to me on this Sunday about what exactly I’m doing in the in-between. We’ve probably all heard the story about what you do with the dash on your headstone… from your birth to death, what you do with the in-between is what matters most.

God has really been speaking with me lately regarding what I’m doing for Him. Am I doing all I’m supposed to be doing or am I like the virgins with no oil for my lap or the servant hiding my gold. God has called us all to a very specific purpose and task while we are waiting for Him. We must be fulfilling that specific duty while we wait.