My Vision of Home

I have a very dear friend coming to visit me soon (more on that later), and I’ve been prepping, planning, (a lot of) cleaning… then I read this post by Sally Clarkson on Ann Voskamp’s blog and my heart stopped to evaluate and take stock of my actions. Might be a bit cheating for my post today to steer you over to another, but it is so very worth the read. These two ladies are so blessed by God’s hand through their words and encouragement. Go read it. You’ll be glad you did.

How to Restore What Every Family’s Longing for Most

Counting 1000 Gifts
#25 – a gift held – This one is easy. My sweet, precious children. My 3 year old has to have me hold him for at least 15 minutes when he comes downstairs each morning. My 6 year old tells me I have to hold her at least once every single day.
#26 – a gift passed by – So many gifts and blessings from the Lord I take for granted. I allow myself to be complacent in the fact that I even have a Bible to study (and still don’t study it as often as I should). I thank you, Lord, for Your Word so readily available to me.
#27 – a gift sat with – Quiet time with my husband, just to talk; for that I am thankful. We haven’t had a date night since we moved here in February. Last night we went to Chik-fil-A where the kids played in the playground, and we had uninterrupted adult conversation for 30 minutes. It was heavenly, and I am thankful.