Wordless Wednesday

Normally I’m not a fan of Wordless Wednesdays on wordy blogs, but this one will have to do for today since we’re prepping for single digit temps and hoping no freezing pipes. I took this picture on a walk in the patch of forest behind our house. God’s creation is always beautiful… from the green moss to the fallen leaves. ¬†And yes, even the single digit temperatures.


Counting 1000 Gifts – 3 Graces From People You Love
#19 – The way my husband loves me for who I truly am, not for the outside appearance (thank you, Lord!), not for what I do for him or our family, but truly loves me for me… the good, the bad and the ugly.
#20 – The grace from my precious friends when I don’t contact them nearly as often as I should, but our relationship is just as if we had never been apart.
#21 – The grace God gives me abundantly and continuously, far greater than my mind can fathom and my heart can believe.