There is symphony in the spectacular of our lives as well as melody in the mundane. Celebrate it all and find the light that shines in each moment.


My name is Jennifer…

I’m a child of the One True King, a wife to my very best friend and a momma Emily and Ethan. To sum it up neatly, I love life.

For a bit longer description, I love my family and the time we spend together making memories that will last into eternity. I love filling four cold walls with the warmth of home. I love history and take joy in finding pieces of the old, filled with stories of love and life, and bringing them into the newness of now.

Our family recently moved from the flatlands of Arkansas to the beautiful rolling hills of North Carolina, and we are finding daily adventures in the highs and the lows as we write the next chapter of our lives surrounded by chickens, gardens and clothes lines.


Have you ever thought about what your constellation would look like? If there were a group of stars collectively called “You” what would they look like? How many might there be? Would it be as large and great as Orion or would you feel a bit more like the Little Dipper?

I believe our lives are a collection of various points of light. Light that has a special meaning and purpose sent by the Light of the World… we are a Godstellation. One point might be the birth of our children while another might be the death of a loved one, but all are there in this star-filled shape.

Godstellations will one-day be a Bible Study on Light, but for now, this blog will share about the points of Light in my life and the celebration in each and every one.