Face the Son

I’m going to play pity-party for just a bit, so please bear with me. I’ve been struggling lately, still struggling… we struggle everyday, don’t we? Lots of struggles.

I’ve been struggling with time management, too much on my plate, too much going on… there are days when I would love to write just one page of even just notes for the Godstellations Bible study, but I get so busy with everything pulling for my attention that I realize it’s lunch-time, and I haven’t even brushed my teeth for the day yet. Wish I could say that was an exaggeration. 🙂

Full-time job from home, semi-homesteading, homeschooling, homekeeping… lots of pieces of home needing my attention. There are days when it feels like I’m drowning, and those are the days I have to stop and remind myself that I prayed for this for so many years… I prayed to be home with my kids and provide for my family, and God heard my prayer and answered after six years of praying. Those are the days I hang my head and ask Him for forgiveness for not realizing what I have and being grateful.

And we all reach that point, don’t we? We sit surrounded by so much more than others have, but we lose sight of it sometimes.

As I reach the point where I hit my knees to say I’m sorry for allowing myself to be overwhelmed and missing the times to be thankful for what He has provided, I picture Him looking down on me with this grin and shaking His head at me as He says, “Oh, Jen honey, I know you’re thankful even when you don’t. I saw your heart when you asked for these things, and I see your heart now.”

He grins and shakes His head at me a lot. I’m quite certain of this.

This morning I read David’s words in Psalms where his life was being threatened, and He cried out to God to hear him and save him. He was hiding from those who literally wanted to take his life and was crying out to God for help.

And God heard him and saved him.

I was facing a window on the east side of our house this morning as I read those words. I had already been outside to see the bottom of the clouds turning all rosy pink as the sun started to rise, but as I sat in my chair facing east, the sun started to rise above the trees and fill the room with light just as it was filling the earth with light.


We planted these sunflowers from tiny seeds which have grown into these beautiful flowers. The buds faced that beautiful sun each morning then turned as it rose high into the sky to face west at the end of the day. They kept their face to the sun and it helped them grow and bloom into these beauties.


As I watched the sun fill the world with light, (well, except for where it’s not day yet) it literally hit me in the face… my God is doing that.

the same God that grins at me and shakes His head at His silly daughter
the same God that heard my prayers six years ago just as He heard my prayer this morning for focus
the same God that heard David as he cried in the wilderness
the same God that fills the earth with light
the same God that sent His son to die

He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Great and mighty to fill the earth with light and cause flowers to bloom, yet meek and lowly as He hears the cry of my heart when I walk with Him in the dew of the morning. So even with all the struggles that are still coming today and will come tomorrow, I’ll face them like the sunflower bud. I’ll keep my face to the Son, and I’ll bloom.

Follow the Light.

Dwelling on a Dead Poet

Like most news we hear these days, I found out about it on Facebook. Comedian-Actor Robin William dead. And no doubt, like all of you over the past few days, I’ve read countless posts about him; his work, his life, his highs and his lows. I’ve read articles about suicide and depression. I’ve read words filled with compassion and others filled with malice, and I’ve taken them all in. It seems like everyone is posting something about the man or the darkness that consumed him. I certainly do not have any revelation on depression or the treatment thereof, but the thoughts have consumed my mind like moths to a flame; each one bringing a new point to ponder.

And I have pondered all of them.

I have thought about the man who truly brought light into darkness. He visited the children’s hospital where I work on several occasions and gave of his time as a spokesman for them in the Thanks and Giving Campaign each fall. His gift of laughter was shared with those children battling a cancer that was oftentimes larger than they could overcome. He was a ray of light to them, yet darkness consumed him.


An afternoon thunderstorm rolled over the North Carolina hills near our home this afternoon. The thunder roared through the skies like trumpets making way for the dark clouds that seemed to shove the light from the sky. It covered everything in its path with a shroud as the rain began to pour harder and harder.

With the rain still falling, although not pouring, the light returned. The sunshine broke through the rain clouds and the sky was bright with falling rain. A complete rainbow stretched out to the east in the midst of the clouds that seemed so melancholy, bringing squeals of happiness from my kids when they saw it. The sunshine made the falling drops look like crystals in the air and diamonds on the trees.


My heart has literally hurt as I’ve thought many thoughts about the darkness that took shape in Robin Williams’ life. It is devastating to think that someone who brought the gift of laughter to everyone he saw could be so overtaken by sorrow. I’m certainly not a psychologist or psychiatrist. I don’t work at a rehab facility or work in any type of therapy, but I’ve seen depression first hand in someone I love. I’ve seen mental illness and alcoholism take hold of someone and tear their life apart. I’ve been to the point where all I was able to do in the situation was to say, “I love you.”

“God loves you.”

I’m not naive enough to think that Robin William never heard words of happiness or joy from those around him. I’m quite certain they encouraged him and tried to uplift him, and yet he did not overcome his war with darkness. But the light I take from this dark event is this; I am called to be the light to this world… to this dark world filled with things like depression and suicide. I am called to be the rainbow giving hope. I am called to be the light shining even in the rain. No, I certainly won’t win every war, but I must fight every battle.

The quote has been shared several times over the past few days, “Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting Their Own Battle.”

There is darkness all around us. People filled with worry and consumed with fear. My smile to a stranger or kind word to a friend won’t save the world… but it might just be the rainbow in their storm they need to get through that day, that moment. That is what has been stirred within my heart this week.

Be the light.

A New Beginning

There’s a quote that says, “I have stopped looking for the light and decided to become it instead.”

Be the light.

A city that is set upon a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14

I believe we are called to be the light to this dark world; to point others to the Source of our light and to uplift and encourage each other. I pray those who read these words and see these pictures find them always uplifting and encouraging, for I believe this is the calling He has for me. A calling to uplift. A calling to encourage. A calling to share.

As I start a new chapter in this calling on my heart, I start this blog fresh and new. I will type words out on this screen knowing that because this is His calling for His purpose, He will no doubt receive glory for it. I pray my fingers never type words that bring anything but honor to His name.

My family and I recently relocated to North Carolina where we found a home in a very rural county almost at the Virginia state line. There is no public water here, only private wells. There is no public garbage pick-up, you take it to a central dumping site yourself. The nearest Wal-Mart is twenty minutes away. Yes, we live in the country. We now have 13 chickens and a vibrant garden where before we had a Beta fish and a potted plant. But we love it here.

Folks consistently ask us just how on earth we ended up way out here, and I could answer that with something like savvy internet searching or lucked-up on a great place, but the true answer is this is where God had planned for us to go. He planned our move to North Carolina as He provided the job opportunity for my husband. He knew we needed this fresh start in this fresh place where our lives are becoming more and more focused on Him and the work He continues in us.


He knew we would need these quiet, foggy, North Carolina mornings where everything is shrouded in gray but is even more beautiful.


He knew our busy days would always end with quiet, country evenings where we would finally take time to soak up the beauty all around us and focus on our place in His creation.


He knew we would need to dwell in a place where we are surrounded by pieces of the past, pieces of a simple time in history where we would dream of those times and learn from them.


He knew we would plant our garden under the heat of the sun but harvest in the cool summer mornings and learn the joy of providing for ourselves through our labor.


He knew we needed the safety of this place, the security we feel here in order to let go of the fears that shrouded our minds for so long.


He knew this calling He has placed on my heart needs this time. It needs this time to focus and learn how to be a peculiar voice in this world to stand out for Him.


And so we live out the moments in this place where I draw closer to Him than ever before. I am learning to look for Him in everything around me. In the quiet mornings when the fog is thick like a blanket and the dew so heavy it feels like the remnants from a downpour.


As this blog is filled with new posts once again, I pray they focus on the calling He has laid on my heart. I pray they bring all those who read to think on what their Godstellation is, what it looks like. When you think of all the points of light in your life, what do you see?

Perhaps you see your wedding day, the day you pledged your love and life to the one who holds your heart. What a bright light in your Godstellation that is! But I challenge you to think of those times where it seemed like there could not possibly be light… it was so dark.

Maybe it was the day you learned your parents were divorcing… dark and cold. Your life would never be the same as your heart hurt for the family you saw crumbling around you. Now I’m able to look back at that dark time and see how that made me a better wife, a better mother. That seemingly dark time in my life, in retrospect, is actually one of the brighter lights that taught me so much and impacts so many parts of who I am today. They were very hard truths to learn at that time, but have made me more understanding, more patient, more wise.

Think about a point of light in your life today and thank Him for it… whether it be one born from happy, bright times or a light that broke through some dark point in your life. They are both points of light in you that make you who you are. Focus on one today and think about how that makes you who you are, how that light wrote a verse of your life that still sings in your heart today.

Collect Moments, Not Things

I recently saw this saying, “Collect Moment’s Not Things” on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with the quote. It really fits my life right now. We sold our house back in March and now have a rental that is literally about half the size of our previous home. Most of the time it’s cozy, but there are times when we feel a bit like we are on top of each other. Still, I truly believe God is using this time to really show us what we can live with and what we can live without. I’m actually very happy with our space right now and have learned to love us being together in this way. My kids are making precious memories as they are sharing a bedroom, and I love to hear them chatting away before bed each night. I know as they get older, they will certainly want their own spaces, and I will not want my bedroom right next to theirs, but for now, it is a blessing I’m soaking up.

While working at an antique shop for my entire teenage life and then some (seriously started working there when I was 13), I collected all kinds of things and learned so much about antiques, refinishing furniture and fell in love with interesting pieces. I lived with my grandmother at the time, and truth be told, most weeks my pay for the week was an item or two that would go home with me rather than any type of paycheck.  Moving a few times and now downsizing, I’ve quickly learned to weed through items and know what are true treasures to keep and what things I can live without. I have a dresser that was has been on my mother’s side of the family now for 7 generations. My grandfather’s pocket-watch and pair of small pliers he always had in his pocket. My grandmother and great-grandmother’s Bible. Jewelry that has been passed down. These are things that hold a special place in my heart, and I can’t depart with them. Other than that, I’ve really been learning lately that nothing materialistic means much to me.

I want the home for my family to be warm, inviting and safe, but that is all. Square footage doesn’t matter. My car doesn’t have electric windows, locks or power steering. It was not worth the cost to me. I don’t own a smartphone and don’t want one. My husband is the opposite of me, mind you, in the phone and vehicle department! 🙂 We just turned off our satellite service to go with streaming options because it just wasn’t worth the cost to our family. Now this government shutdown is even teaching me more about what I can live without. We eat at home as a family and cook what we have on hand instead of running through a drive-thru or spending time at the busyness of a restaurant.

One place I do not believe in cutting back and will spend the most money on is anything that involves making memories with my family. We travel… a lot! Not all trips are grand and involve a lot of money, but they all involve spending time with those I love. My husband and I will often talk about what all our kids have seen and experienced in their short lives… much more than we had ever done at that age, and I believe we learn much more in traveling and experiencing than we could ever learn from a textbook. We love seeing things and experiencing places with them… sharing in their excitement and sense of wonder at it all. We have spent time on the lake in a pontoon and again in the gulf, on the river in a raft, on a train in northwest Arkansas and again to New Orleans and made sandcastles together at the beach. Soon we will be visiting a cabin in the Ozarks to enjoy family time like none other. We have a tent camping trip planned soon and lots of other events locally for the holidays.  My kids and I can be found cooking or baking something just about every weekend. Crafts are always a good time to learn and share together as well. I believe memories are the only things you take with you into eternity, and I try to make as many as possible with those I love.

Here are a few shots of things we all experienced together for the first time during a trip to New Orleans.

The Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis King of France is the oldest Catholic cathedral in continual use in the United States. Seeing the sunset with this before us and the Mississippi River behind us is a memory we’ll always treasure.


Beignets at Cafe du Monde…. need I say more really?
The original Cafe Du Monde Coffee Stand was established in 1862 in the
New Orleans French Market and is open 364 days a year, 24 hours a day!

By happenstance we ate at the Camilla Grill on Chartes Street which is somewhat like a diner. It has about 30 or so stools wrapped around two counters with an open grill and true New Orleans style. The kids loved how we sat at the stools and could see the guys cooking up our orders right at the grills then just pushed right on down the counter to us. I smile at the recollection of this sweet memory!


Have a chance to collect moments? Choose them over things at every opportunity!

Orange Orbs of Happiness

While I think winter is probably my favorite season, there are certainly points of each one that make me smile from the inside out. I love spring with its promise of freshness, soil that begs to be toiled and seeds that are planted with dreamy expectations of the petals of beauty that will come. The south can be pretty cruel when it comes to summer heat, but that is also the time when we take a lot of weekend trips to rivers and lakes where the cool breeze off the water makes the rising temperatures more bearable. We are now in the thick of fall, and this is probably my second favorite time of year. The winds are building the chill that will be winter as the thermometers’ mercury grows shorter and shorter. God’s paint brush, dipped in warm, golden browns, yellows, oranges and reds has left its mark on the trees with beauty unmatched by any human imagination. Our breath turns to fog in the morning chill as we talk of the frost that will soon come. Yes, fall is definitely amazing.

A story which unfolds a lot during bedtime reading this time of year is My Happy Pumpkin. My kids absolutely love this book, and my five year old can just about quote it verbatim. While a simple story, it is one I have not grown tired of reading to them. It tells the story of how there are various types of pumpkins, short, tall, skinny fat. And just as you search through all the pumpkins to find just the right one for you, God did the same for us. He wants us, and He scoops out all the yucky parts of us. He fills us with Light and we shine for Him. Such a simple analogy which is what makes it perfect for kids to understand.

I read this quote from Willa Sibert Cather recently, and, combined with thoughts of My Happy Pumpkin, I thought about being a pumpkin. Yep, silly, right? I mean, seriously, who thinks about being a pumpkin?! Well, before you start researching local therapists to recommend, hear me out.

A pumpkin… fully grown on your vine that has fed and nourished you all summer. There you are all pretty and orange and literally just soaking up the sun, like a stress-relieving sigh at the end of a day as you step out into the afternoon sun… just soaking up God’s light and warmth.  One day you hear the laughter and giggles of little people who are squealing with delight at the mere sight of you. Chubby little hands lift you up where you’re taken and carved into a symbol that brings such joy to your artist. They give you a light that shines to the point that everyone who sees you smiles and feels the excitement of the season. And, just as the life cycle of everything on this earth, your time goes on and you return to the earth from whence you came. Hopefully the seeds of your life will multiply over and over again to bring joy and happiness to those who are privileged to inherit your warmth in some way.  See, it’s not so bad to be a pumpkin!

As you are carving your pumpkins this season, be sure and share with those around you the Source of our light and how it would actually be pretty awesome to be a pumpkin!


The Cliff’s Edge

I’ve definitely been MIA of late, but it is certainly not for a lack of things to share. Life has been traveling at the speed of light lately, and finding time to sit in front of a computer (outside the 40 hours I get paid to do such things) has been extremely hard to come by.  Still, the fast summer has sped away and the calming spirit of fall is now filling my life.

I’ve said it time and time again and will until my last breath, the moments God speaks to us through what seems like the everyday mundane to us are some of the sweetest words to my soul. Oh my, has He been speaking to me lately.

Have you ever been brave enough to stand on the edge of a high place? Ever been one of those folks to lean over the edge to see the view off the cliff straight down?  That’s not me so much… I find those people very brave in some instances and very foolish in others.  You want to truly become aware of the dangers of strolling along the edge of cliffs, buildings or bridges? Have your children with you. Every fear is heightened a million times over with the threat of those little people you love so much being in harms way getting close to that edge.

Does God feel any different for us?

The government shut down has greatly impacted my family as we have, without any choice of our own or even a planning period to prepare, gone from a two-income family to a one-income family. With one stroke of the clock our income was slashed. Praise God I am also working and my income has not been impacted. There are those, we know many, where both spouses work at a federal institution and currently have absolutely no income. My husband personally knows people who are picking up any odd job available just to have a source of income to support their family. I will not get into the politics of all the shutdown, but I will say that all sides have fault. The people are being used as pawns in a political game and families just trying to get by are causalities of this nasty war.

 And God is still in control. 

He knew back in March when our house sold in a whirlwind that we did not need that mortgage over our heads come October when we would lose half our income. He knew weeks ago when we decided to cancel our satellite TV service because we just did not watch that much television that one less bill would help us out tremendously during this time. He knew that, although tough, we needed this test for when we move and I do not have a job for a while.  Now I am not suggesting God shutdown the government to teach the Kings a lesson, but I have all faith that He is using this time to strengthen us, to mold us, to teach us.

So what are we learning?

I’m learning that the light of God shines so brightly it will blind you from all the bad things when you are surrounded with people who hear His voice when He calls. I learned that fact as I stepped into my office one day last week to find an envelope slid under my door addressed to me and my family. With tear filled eyes, I read the note inside sharing how God wanted to bless my family through this person’s anonymous gift. I learned that I should never doubt His faithfulness as I counted the 5 $20 bills the envelope contained.

That is just one of the many blessings we have experienced since the government shutdown started.

Oh yes, we are standing very close to the cliff’s edge and the dangers that could be. Dangers of falling are intense. Dangers of losing so many things we consider important in a material sense are very real.

We could hang our heads and shake in fear. Or we could place our hands tightly into the love that will not let us go, and know that this too is preparing us for a joy that is to come.

O Love that will not let me go
I rest my weary soul in thee
I give thee back the life I owe
That in thine ocean depths its flow
May richer, fuller be

O Light that foll’west all my way
I yield my flick’ring torch to thee
My heart restores its borrowed ray
That in thy sunshine’s blaze its day
May brighter, fairer be

O Cross that liftest up my head
I dare not ask to fly from thee
I lay in dust life’s glory dead
And from the ground there blossoms red
Life that shall endless be

George Matheson, 1882

Let Our Hair Down

People bond and friendships emerge from shared experiences.  My calling for this blog is always for God’s glory, and that can be fulfilled in talking about empty vessels or baseball games!

We’ve enjoyed an unbelievably mild summer in the south this year. Rather than days and days of 100+ degree weather, we’ve really only had a handful of hot days. Given that our evenings hover right around 75 degrees with a nice breeze lately, and I was able to score free tickets to a baseball game, we were headed off to cheer on the Redbirds!

Auto Zone Park is a really nice park if you ever get a chance to visit. There is an electricity in the air at the ballgames here that is almost palpable. It is joyous excitement as folks just kick back and really enjoy themselves!

We normally sit between home plate and third base, but since the night was so cool, we strolled over to the outfield section for a different view. The kids enjoyed running around in the open area, and the view of the ballpark from here was amazing. It’s something how just changing seats give you a whole different perspective at ball parks and in life!

My two curly tops watched the game in wonder. BabyChick asked lots of baseball questions while Lil’Buddy pretended to throw each ball right along with the pitcher!

The fellowship of family is sweet, and it doesn’t take much effort to achieve that… just quality time together.

Ephesians 5:1-2
Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

An Empty Vessel

Full vessels cannot be filled, only empty ones.

In a few days time, I will board a church bus of twelve ladies as we head out to attend a Beth Moore conference. As I have shared this news with friends and co-workers, the reaction has always been the same. “Prepare to be blessed.”


I have prepared as I have purchased my ticket. All my information has been shared with the wonderful lady who has planned all this for us. I’ll even be driving the van for part of the trip, so I went through our church training of driving the van (yes, a bit silly, but technicality). I have thought about what I’m going to wear. I have planned out how to pack lightly for the trip. I have planned in preparing my husband on how to handle the visits he will get during the night from our children who will be headed to his side of the bed instead of mine. I have planned food to be in the refrigerator while I am away. I have planned.

But I left out the most important plan. I haven’t emptied my vessel. I haven’t planned my heart for this trip, truly planned my heart to be an empty vessel for God to fill to the point of overflowing. My life has been whizzing around me so quickly that I barely know how to get my work done at my job and at home in time to make it into bed at a decent hour. You see, my vessel is already packed to the limit. It is full of work, of stress, of physically being tired. It is filled with the business of work, with the business of home. It is LOADED, friends! 🙂

And one simple whisper from God this morning brought my heart and mind to a crashing halt with that realization.

I have not planned my vessel.

Oh I thought I had. I thought I had my checklist covered. I would have everything packed away, grabbed my Bible, kissed my sweet loved ones and headed right on out the door and completely missed the full blessing of what God has in store for me because of my full vessel. Oh, I might have prayed on the way down to our destination and made a little vessel room. I would have prayed that morning for a blessing, and no doubt, I would have received one. But it would not have been the full blessing God had for me.

So, today I start Project Empty Vessel which will include saturating the next 53 hours in prayer at every opportunity. Empty me of me, Lord, to fill me with You. I will mentally picture a vessel with my name on it, full of all my junk as the Lord leads me to confess and throw-out each item taking up space meant for His holiness.

But I will leave, not only as an empty vessel, but as a vessel expecting to be filled… to be overflowing! I fully expect God to do great things for all empty vessels attending this conference.

Dr. Charles Stanley once said in a sermon we are to ask the Lord to meet our specific needs and wants, and anticipate His response.  Come to God expecting “far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think” (Eph. 3:20), and in His sovereignty, He will satisfy us beyond our wildest hopes.

Do you have junk in your vessel today that is taking up space God has for a special blessing for you? Pray, purge and prepare to see the mighty work of God in your vessel today.



This evening we met Daddy at the door as he came home from work, grabbed a brown bag dinner and headed to the park. Two big Kings, two little Kings and a park all to ourselves. Small effort, huge return!

Playdoh pizzas were on the menu one night this week along with spaghetti and meat balls. 10 little fingers mashed and pressed the soft dough into the desired shapes, and I was able to put the rest of life on hold to breathe in those moments like fresh air in a stagnant land. Small effort, huge return.

Our tired bodies literally crash into our bed after we make sure tiny teeth are brushed, bedtime stories are read and prayers are lifted to Heaven from little mouths. Work has been hard on us both lately, and as our bodies begin to relax and shed the weight of the day, we talk. We talk about the crazies of our day and the crazies we have on our plates for tomorrow. We talk about the two precious souls we just tucked into bed. We talk about our future ahead, then known and unknown of it all. We reconnect when we talk. Small effort, huge return.

Our life needs more of the small. More moments spent together that cost us nothing but our undivided attention. Live in the small!


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You write for 5 minutes flat on the topic of the week– no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.

Amazing Love

I had a different post planned for today with talk of fruit cleanse success and back on the weight-loss track, but that will perhaps be tomorrow. While this post will be short and sweet, I feel called to share the events of yesterday afternoon with you. While some may read this and say, “Duh, Jennifer!” I hope someone out there may be like me and have never had this Aha moment in quite this way.

This is my handsome Lil’Buddy. He is everything a two year old boy should be; cute, cuddly and cantankerous! He has really never been sick, so when he would not stop crying yesterday afternoon and complained that his “tummy huurt,” we knew something was wrong. My husband loads him up and starts toward the ER with me promising to meet them as soon as I could get there as I was tied up about 20 minutes away from the hospital.

A sick boy needs his momma, and this momma had nothing on her mind except getting to him as soon as she could. I could hear his cries while talking to my husband on the phone. I could hear his pain and fear.

Never have I driven my car with more determination and cautious speed than I did yesterday. My eyes and mind were constantly aware of every car around me on the road as I sped toward my son. I wanted to be there. I wanted to take away his pain, to hold him tightly, to wipe his tears.

We have all heard the words shared about how God gave His Son for us. Perhaps we’ve heard them so many times, they have lost some of their weight. Through my thoughts as I was doing all in my power to get to my son, I thought of God watching His Son die. We talk of Jesus loving us so much that He took our sin death on that cross, and OH YES, He does love us. Of that there is no doubt. But yesterday my eyes were opened in a new way to the unfathomable way God the Father loves us.

I WAS going to get to my son. I already had in my head the story I would tell the policeman as I simply held my foot on the brake to let him know I had to get to my son! He needed me!

Jesus needed God, His Father, when He was on that cross for you and me. He even called out asking why God had forsaken Him. And God, no doubt with tears in His eyes, saw His Son die. One word, one thought could have changed it all. No doubt, armies of angels were waiting… just waiting for one word from the Father to swoop down and stop our salvation.

Stop our salvation.

You see, God was not going to allow that to happen.

But how could He do that? How could He allow His Son to die there, calling out to Him? How could He not run to His Child who needed Him so desperately. I know He provided this way for me, and I know He loves me enough that He gave His son, but I never put it all in this perspective before.

Somehow saw this in a whole new light. He did. He did run to His child who needed Him so desperately. He was speeding His way to save His child… to be there for their needs, to comfort their fears, to wipe the tears from their eyes.

Oh dear friend, He was running to His child. He was running to us! For God so loved THE WORLD, that He gave His only begotten Son.

Our Father saw us in agony, in pain, in SIN, and He did everything in His power to run to us. His holy Son on the cross, the depths of hell themselves, NOTHING was going to stop Him.

He ran to us!